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Out of School Children and the Thai Education System

Out-of-School Children The hidden problem of Thai  education.   Credit: ThaiPBS

Mae Hong Son Model

n this research, we focus on the disabled children as a case study for developing a systematic method and tool to support policy makers in their resource allocation tasks as well as empower service providers […]

Flexible Learning Strategies for OUT-OF-SCHOOL CHILDREN in Thailand

Thailand has encountered the same problem as many other countries which is the challenge of helping to bring all children in to the educational system as well as prevent students from dropping out. Discover number of […]

QLF: 5 years of current achievements and future perspectives (2010-2015)

QLF has been working as a catalyst as well as a change agent in supporting quality learning  and education reform in Thailand since 2010. It focuses on promoting lifelong learning, accelerating quality learning, addressing inefficiencies in […]