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Quality Learning Foundation (QLF), a new state agency created under the Prime Minister’s leadership and regulated from the Prime Minister’s Office. It seeks the Promotion of a Learning Society and the raised quality of Youth and Children Education and seeks to take new initiatives in the Thai education system, encourage education reform and accelerate quality learning.

Is Thailand getting more stupid?

Once upon a dream, Thailand’s national agenda was to battle with Singapore for regional supremacy in terms of human and economic development. Once upon a dream we talked of becoming one of the “Asian Tigers”, […]

Practical career education trumps bachelor’s degrees

Vocational students have more job opportunities than university graduates in Chiang Mai, according to a recent survey.

Skills for life & work

Every child and young person is entitled to develop skills for learning, skills for life and skills for work, with a continuous focus on literacy and numeracy and health and wellbeing.

QLF: 5 years of current achievements and future perspectives (2010-2015)

QLF has been working as a catalyst as well as a change agent in supporting quality learning  and education reform in Thailand since 2010. It focuses on promoting lifelong learning, accelerating quality learning, addressing inefficiencies in […]