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Education is a dynamic process in society that transmits accumulated knowledge and values from one generation to the next, and shapes individuals’ mental and physical skills. Education can and must contribute to creating future human resources in society.

Education can also contribute to dynamic processes of information accumulation and transmission across generations and amongst diverse populations to inspire life-long learning for all members of society. To develop the Thai education system through this vision, QLF not only needs to understand the dynamics of information accumulation and transmission in Thailand (either via traditional schooling mechanisms or via modern advanced technology) to address the weaknesses and inefficiency of the system, but also needs to identify effective practices that inspire learning for all Thai citizens.

Ultimately, QLF must be capable of effectively changing the direction of the education system in Thailand to make Thai society a healthier and more equitable society. In other words, QLF must be able to govern the dynamics of the education system to inspire “healthy life-long learning” in Thailand.

Education is not only a matter for Education agencies but also for the whole society. Therefore, we aim to work in partnership with organizations, communities and individuals to make learning a central part of our daily lives.

QLF’s role is to act as a catalyst as well as a change agent in supporting quality learning and education reform in Thailand. Our work will not compete with work undertaken by other organizations implementing educational activities. QLF, on the contrary, pledges to accelerate quality learning and will make use of its flexibility in management and budget to help initiate new ideas, and facilitate and help transform education/learning reform opportunities into concrete actions. QLF will also focus on its roles as an assistant and facilitator, rather than being an actor.

Our Mission and Goals

Our Mission

Our mission is to “spark, stimulate, support and advocate” quality learning processes leading to a ‘learning society’ of Thai people.

According to the regulations, QLF will

•support policy development, improvement of education system at the national, local or organizational levels

•support development of learning processes, knowledge management and support for partners who are change leaders.

•Support campaigns to build a learning society through media campaigns and the development of information technology and telecommunication in Thailand

•Other functions/duties as assigned by the Cabinet

Our Goals

QLF works towards five critical goals:

1.Quality Learning. Improve learning of youth especially and all Thai people to be more comprehensive and meet the needs of equity.

2.Inspired Learners. Inspiring students and the whole of society in the appreciation and excitement of learning and becoming a self-learner.

3.Quality of Youth Education. Improve the quality of youth participation in learning and promote life skills.

4.Quality workforce. Improve the skills of the Thai workforce to enable it to be more competitive at the international level through collaboration between the public and private sector.

5.Local Involvement. Achieve youth career development involving participation at the local level to meet particular local and regional needs and which will lead to a sustainable development.

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