International Seminar on National Education Accounts is organized by UNESCO Institute for Statistics: UIS cooperated by UNESCO International Institute for Education Planning: IIEP and Global Partnership for Education: GPE in April 4th -8th, 2016 at UNESCO headquarters in Paris, French. There are executives from Ministry of Education, Ministry of Finance and Statistical Office from 8 countries which are Vietnam, Nepal, Laos, Uganda, Guinea, Zimbabwe, Sénégal and Côte d’Ivoire joining to develop National Education Accounts at first time. The development have managed since 2013 under a support of GPE. Dr.Kraiyos Patrawat and Ph.D. Chaiyuth Punyasavatsut from Quality Learning Foundation (QLF) are also invited to this meeting as UIS’s International Expert Partner.

This meeting is the last meeting before the project closure of National Education Accounts Standard Development in first step to give    participants from 8 countries presenting their National Education Accounts management result to National Education Accounts management experts. The result will be used to summarize National Education Accounts standard to UNESCO’s partners from 200 countries. And also, it will be used to support National Education Accounts in their own countries and to support National Education Accounts information sending to UNESCO in same system and same standard around the world.

Mrs. Susan Grant Lewis, IIEP Director, give opening speech as a host that “Every country want a clear point of their education system to plan and decide by true information especially the budget information and education resource. These will make the effective budget information and education resource management.


Mrs. Silvia Montoya, the Director of the UNESCO Institute for Statistics, said that nowadays, there are many countries that cannot send National Education Accounts information to UNESCO correctly following the international standard. National Education Accounts will help countries to have efficiency in education investment.

Ms. Rafael Martinez, a Deputy of Global Public Goods, said that the Global Student Loan support the budget to UNESCO for making a standard to National Education Accounts management because it is the important Global Public Goods in Achieving the purpose of Global Education in 2030.




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