“If society recognizes the value of these broken tips of rice grains [plai khao] and knows how to make use of them, they could prove a real boon.(1)

Currently, QLF is supporting 227 school projects across Thailand under the themes of effective learning and teaching, efficiency for school management and healthy schools and students. More than 1,000 teachers will be participating in building capacity and 115, 253 students will benefit under this program.

Also, QLF is supporting 40 municipalities to improve alternative youth education schemes for marginalised students. According to a recent study, about two million children aged between three and 17 nationwide, or about 11% of the country’s school-age population, are not receiving even basic education. In 2006, the Office of the Basic Education Commission asked the municipalities to take care of students who graduated from the Prathom 6 level, therefore local government bodies, which are close to local communities, play a key role in educating and reforming these “marginalised” children, thus cutting the rate of youth problems in their localities. In order to receive the grant, local governments are encouraged to partner with other sectors such as NGOs and communities. More than 20,000  students will benefit under this program.

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Quality Learning Foundation (QLF), a new state agency created under the Prime Minister’s leadership and regulated from the Prime Minister’s Office. It seeks the Promotion of a Learning Society and the raised quality of Youth and Children Education and seeks to take new initiatives in the Thai education system, encourage education reform and accelerate quality learning.