A QLF team made a two-day visit to Mae Hong Son, the most remote and poorest province in Thailand, to visit the QLF-supported centre for disadvantaged children in a remote and mountainous area of Mae Sariang district.

During the mission, the QLF team met and talked with children and family from the Karen ethnic minority and learned of the difficulties the children and family face in accessing education.

A study carried out by Child Watch, Thailand, found that there are more than 1.8 million children who are disadvantaged in some way either through physical and intellectual disabilities by living in a remote area and not receiving an education because existing schools were too far away from their homes. The remoteness of the hill tribe villages and poor roads also made it difficult to build standard education facilities in these communities or find enough qualified teachers willing to teach there.

As a pilot project, QLF in cooperation with local governments in 8 subdistricts is working to set up a new Learning Centre  in Mae Sarieng District for 30 disadvantaged children which will provide a learning development opportunity. Also, QLF will conduct research on the cost of educational provision  for disadvantaged children. The outcome of this research will provide basic information on resource management which QLF will use as an advocacy report and for work with government organizations.

The Centre will officially open in June and operate as a pilot project until December 2012.  For pictures visit this link

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